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Letter: Concerned about decision by school board on mask wearing

Ada Icon viewers: 

I am writing as an individual, and not as a representative of an organization or institution in Ada.

I am concerned about the recent decision by our school board to allow parents to choose whether or not to have their child wear a mask while at school during the last four days  of the school year.

This decision goes against CDC advice, and against the recommendations of the Ohio Department of Health. Governor Dewine wrote a letter to all school districts last week reminding them that the mask mandate in Ohio does not end until June 2nd, and that schools should remain masked through the end of the school year.

Our school board has taken an action that could be potentially dangerous to those students who are not yet vaccinated, including the youngest students, to whom no vaccine is currently available.

This could also be potentially illegal, as it goes against a state health order. I urge the school board to hold an emergency meeting to rescind this decision, and to apologize to the community for putting our children and teachers at risk in school.

The voters of Ada who care for the safety of our children and teachers will be watching, and will vote accordingly in the next election.

Our school board needs to remember that the right to personal freedom is only valuable insofar as it contributes to the common good, a principle upheld since the founding of our nation.

It's time for them to take the right action and return our schools to being places of safety for everyone, and especially for the most vulnerable among us. 

Yours Sincerely,
David E. MacDonald