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Letter to editor: More protection in schools from the coronavirus

Dear Ada Icon,

Recently, parents of Ada school children were sent a message from school administrators about an uptick in positive Covid tests among Ada students. This message made it clear that the school system is taking precautions to make sure the schools are cleaned thoroughly, and to quarantine the students who have tested positive in their homes. Parents were also cautioned not to send their children to school if they show symptoms of COVID-19. All of this is so that other students do not become infected also. 

There is one more precaution that the Ada school administrators could encourage or even require that would provide even more protection from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. That precaution would be to require that students, teachers, and all staff in the Ada schools wear masks while indoors. This precaution, in conjunction with the other precautions the school is already taking, is a proven way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It is a simple solution that asks very little of us and our children in order to keep the larger community safe from COVID-19. Parents, if you have not already started having your child wear a mask to school, I would urge you to start doing so. And to the Ada schools administration, I ask once again that you do the right thing according to CDC guidelines and require masks to be worn in school for the safety of our children, our village, and the community at large.

Yours sincerely,

David E. MacDonald