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2022 Support and Compliance Review of Hardin County Central Dispatch

Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart has announced the findings of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services 2022 Support and Compliance Review of the Hardin County Central Dispatch 9-1-1 system. 

Thereview found the 911 system to be “in full compliance with the Public
Service Answering Point operational rules.”

The review found that all minimum training standards have been met by staff and that training programs have been proactively upgraded. The report cited updates to the call-handling equipment to include the SOMA Global Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) and Eventide recording system. It also noted that an on-site tour provided validation for secured access, electronic mapping capabilities, number of answering devices and audio playback capabilities.

Statistically, 99.6% of all 911 calls received by Hardin County Central Dispatch are answered within 10 seconds; and on average, within 3.3 seconds.

The Hardin County Central Dispatch Center and 911 system is operated by the
Hardin County Sheriff’s Office. Central Dispatch provides dispatching
services for all Hardin County Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services
and Fire Departments including Kenton, Ada, and Forest. Mrs. Emily Roy is
the Communications Coordinator.


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