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Spell-check: There is a “u” in Icon

How to submit information to the editor

By Paula Scott

Since taking the reins of the Ada Icon and Bluffton Icon in September 2021, my time has passed in this fashion: long days and incredibly fast weeks and months. I’m still introducing myself as the “new Fred”—meaning former editor-owner Fred Steiner—and “How’s it going at the Icon?” has become a familiar greeting.

It’s going great: I’m learning something new and meeting someone new every day.

If you want to see a specific topic covered on the Icon, here’s how:

  • Send a brief note with contact information or a media release with key details
  • For coverage of events, a few days notice is much appreciated, so that I can arrange to "pop over" from Bluffton.

If you just want to get connected with the Icon, consider sending us

  • Your newsletter
  • Social media links

You can write to [email protected], mail P.O. Box 31, Bluffton, OH 45817; or call 567-400-ICON (4266).

Content placement opportunities include

  • Articles
  • Calendar
  • Events of Interest on the Classifieds page

So, if you are part of a team that is organizing an event or opportunity, or if you have an accomplishment or milestone to share, please be in touch. There is a "you" in Icon.