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Lynn Vally Farmers 4-H report, May 24

By Meredith Donnelly, secretary/reporter
Lynn Valley Farmers 4-H Club 

The 5th meeting of the Lynn Valley Farmers 4-H Club was held on 05/24/2023 at the Lynn Township Hall.

  • Pledge of Allegiance led by Conner
  • 4-H Pledge led by Sawyer
  • Roll call was led by Vice President, Layelle Coulson. Response was your birthday.
  • Last meetings minutes were read by Secretary, Meredith Donnelly
  • Minutes were approved
  • Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer, Aubrey Wilcox.
  • The club balance is $465.09. Pay your dues to Aubrey.
  • Moved into the meal.

Old Buisness-

  • Everyone have their project books?
  • Ownership deadline is June 1st for livestock. Look at attached email
  • Commities any updates?

New Buisness-

  • Past advisor Jessica Shepard needs removed from the Quest account and replaced with Brian Harder


  • Elianna - The parts of a lamb
  • Gabvriella - How to hold yourself in a Yita Show.
  • Next meeting demonstrations: Lilly, Sawyer, John

Next meeting is June 14. Non-Livestock kids bring your books to check in.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Dairy Beef Feeder-Weigh in Saturday at 8AM
  • Goat and Sheep-weigh in June 10th
  • Health and Safety report was provided by Lane Harder on Boating Safety
  • The Lynn Township Trustees helped pay for dinner and flowers. Thank you card signed tonight.
  • Refreshments for next meeting
  • Drinks-Dean   Snacks- Buxtons
  • Meeting was adjourned.
  • Recreation