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Village brush chipping delayed until September 11

Brush chipping that would normally take place on the first Monday in September is delayed until September 11 due to the Labor Day holiday.

The Village announcement notes:

One of the goals of brush chipping and pickup is to keep the tree lawn areas of the Village clear of debris, so that debris litter does not enter the storm sewer system.

Brush or storm debris in the tree lawn area may be picked up by the Village, and residents may place additional brush for chipping in that area. Hired tree trimmers must clean up their own debris; the Village will not pick up brush left by commercial cutters.

When placing brush in the tree lawn, please follow these guidelines:
1. All limbs or brush must be 1 inch in diameter or larger, and 4 feet long or longer. The longer the material, the better it is for chipping.
2. All limbs must be stacked in a uniform pile, with the branches all laid in the same direction (butt ends together.)

If brush does not meet the guidelines, or if there is other unacceptable material mixed with the brush, it may not be picked up by the Village. The property owner or occupant is then responsible for its removal.

There is a $20 base fee for brush pick up and will be added to the property’s active water bill. (This fee covers the average size pickup truckload- large piles will have a higher charge) If there is not an active water bill, the property owner will be billed the fee.

Any brush in the tree lawn area is subject to pick up and billing.

Brush may be placed in the tree lawn area the weekend prior to the chipping date.
Residents may call the Water Office at 419-634-4045 for questions, or to have brush picked up on Monday.

Brush pick up/chipping is conducted the first working Monday of the months of March through October, per Codified Ordinance 915, weather permitting.