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Village Voice

Tuesday evening swim now 8-10 p.m.; pool rules reminder

The Ada Municipal Pool announced the following on June 16:

"We would like to start this post off with a big thank you! A thank you to those who support our pool whether that be throughout each day or by simply passing along the word to a friend. We have had an overwhelming number of patrons on Tuesday's midnight swim and in order to keep our staff and patrons safe we have decided to suspend midnight swim.

"We will have a nightly swim each Tuesday from 8:00-10:00 p.m. We will closely monitor the number of patrons entering in order to ensure we have an adequate number of lifeguards on duty.

You're invited to support downtown flower baskets

Seasonal beautification of Ada's business district includes eye-catching flower baskets that hang on light poles below village banners.

The project is spearheaded by the Village of Ada, which waters, cleans, trims, and fertilizes the plantings. The baskets are planted by a local small business, Stratton Greenhouses, 9915 Lincoln Hwy.

Village accepting applications for Construction & Maintenance Worker II

New posting on Help Wanted ads are one of many free classified ad categories.

The Village of Ada is currently seeking qualified applicants for the Public Works Department: Construction & Maintenance Worker II

What to do if a snow emergency has been declared

Village of Ada guidance for 4+ inches of snow

Issued by the Village of Ada on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 via email and on the village website.

In light of the forecasted snowfall beginning Wednesday, February 2nd, the Village of Ada would like to remind residents of the parking limitations associated with a declared snow emergency. 

As per ordinance 351 of the Ada Codified Ordinance, a snow emergency exists when a uniform accumulation of 4 or more inches of snow has fallen. During the existence of an emergency snow condition, no person shall park a motor vehicle upon the following public streets in the Village, as follows:

NO PARKING shall be permitted on: 

  • Gilbert Street from Lima Avenue to North Street;
  • Johnson Street from Lima Avenue to North Street;
  • Simon Street Lima Avenue to North Street;
  • Lincoln Avenue from Corporation line to Corporation line;
  • Turner Avenue from Main Street to Grand Avenue;
  • Montford Avenue from Main Street to Liberty Street,
  • Highland Avenue from Gilbert Street to Simon Street,
  • Buckeye Avenue from Johnson Street to Grand Avenue
  • and University Avenue from Main Street to Ream Street.

Rumpke calendars and recycling updates

2022 Rumpke refuse and recycling calendars have been mailed out to Ada residents. If you do not receive one in the mail, you may stop in the Municipal Building to pick up a copy.

Ada utility bills may be impacted by mail delays

On October 28, the Village of Ada announced that due to new service standards implemented in October by the United States Postal Service, some first-class mail may now take up to 5 days to deliver.

This may affect how quickly residents receive their Village utility bill each month and the receipt of payments mailed into the office.

To assure payments are received in a timely manner and to avoid late charges, residents may use the options listed below: