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Book with an Ada twist by "Bud" Smith published by Kent State Press

Claude Clayton "Bud" Smith, ONU emeritus faculty member, recently release "Ohio Outback," a book published by Kent State Press.

The book is a unique compilation of writings by Smith about his experiences of living in Ohio for the past 22 years.

Smith offers a vibrant, humorous portrait of life that focuses on individuals and events in out-of-the-way places throughout northwest Ohio.

The pieces in this book reflect a growing curiosity and fondness for Ohio, with topics ranging from the manufacturing process of NFL footballs and the anatomy of ditches to an Ohio section of a 10,000-thousand mile drive by interstate highway across the 48 states and Smith’s reflections as a licensed professional boxing judge.

Ohio Outback also contains “Yard Wars of the Ohio Outback,” a lighthearted piece that forms the book’s narrative core with tales of bird, pool, and driveway battles.

What others say about the book

“Claude Clayton Smith, an Easterner who found himself transplanted to the ‘outback’ of northwest Ohio, has written a poignant and funny account of his longstanding attempt to feel at home there.

The happy result of his struggle to come to terms with the region’s landscape, customs, and history is a thoughtful meditation on the charms and challenges of an obscure part of the world that some of us, no matter where we ended up, still call home.”

— Jeffrey Hammond, author of Ohio States: A Twentieth-Century Midwestern and Small Comforts: Essays at Middle Age

“Claude Clayton Smith writes of his adventures in the countryside of northwest Ohio with a bemused humor that fans of James Thurber (one of his heroes) and Dave Barry will appreciate.

Natives may think that only an immigrant like Smith would find cottonwood fluff, horseflies, driveway gravel, woodlots, cicadas, feisty red squirrels, and birds that attack picture windows so exotic. But his perplexed celebration of his struggles to coexist with these—and much more—reminds us all just how much strangeness lurks within the everyday.”
—Jeff Gundy, author of Trees and Scattering Point: The World in a Mennonite Eye

About the author
Claude Clayton Smith is professor emeritus of English at Ohio Northern University and the 2008 Claridge Writer in Residence at Illinois College.

He is author of a novel, two children’s books, three nonfiction books (including Lapping America: A Man, a Corvette, and the Interstates), four produced plays, and a variety of poetry, short fiction, essays, and reviews.